Marmot Properties is planning a 40-unit apartment complex on the corner of Vesta and Holcomb, where a former charter school (and prior to that a restaurant) currently sits empty. 

MP is applying for a special use permit for the project, to increase the number of units allowed on the property. 

The closed charter school building is proposed to be demolished for this project. The apartments would be new construction, comprising two buildings. 

Here's a link to the PDF for the project, which has renderings, and detailed information on the project. You might need to click on the 'Record Info' drop down and then 'Attachments' 

The project has 17 one-bedroom units and 23 two-bedroom units.

The south building has three floors with 26 units (9 one-bedroom and 17 two bedroom), and the north building has two floors above surface level parking with 14 units (8 one-bedroom and 6 two-bedroom). Front setback is 10’ from the property line for both buildings along street frontages. Side and rear setbacks are 10’ from the property line for both buildings where adjacent to other buildings or alleyways.

It appears in the plans that a lobby or retail (I can't tell from the renderings) with a public patio will front the corner of Vesta and Holcomb. The lobby or retail entrance and ground level patios face Holcomb, On the Vesta side it looks like part of that same retail or lobby area and two residential units along a setback. 

Two access points to the buildings for residents would be on Holcomb and Pueblo.