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SIERRA SPIRIT - In some much needed good news, looks like Sierra Spirit will be sticking around for a while longer, and the RTC bus service cuts aren't as bad as feared, for now.
SATELLITE - I am a little late breaking this, but it appears Satellite Lounge is with us no more. :(
CVS PHARMACY DOWNTOWN - Mayor Cashell is interested in flying down to CVS Pharmacy's headquarters for a face-to-face motivational meeting Nevada style. Well, just kidding on the Nevada style..but he does want a face to face meeting, on the suggestion of Dave Aiazzi. Also, speaking of Dave, he mentioned opening the CVS Pharmacy downtown is as important if not more important than a baseball stadium. He is willing to look for money in other projects or postpone certain deals to find monies to incite CVS...however Jessica Jones from the Redevelopment Agency again stated that CVS is focused on rebranding their stores first, then looking at expansion plans. CVS Pharmacies are known to open in downtown urban areas.


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Posted by: Bugsy - 1/16/2009 10:12:02 PM
Dave Aiazzi is out of his freakin mind if he thinks a pharmacy is more important than the baseball stadium. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that.

Posted by: Posturedoc - 1/18/2009 11:46:44 AM
I am a chiropractor, so I admit to some bias here, but why is the opening of a store that peddles pharmaceuticals to the public, something done at one location that could be considered in downtown and at least on other within a mile of downtown, more important than the baseball stadium, something offering a unique new experience to the entire region? I would completely agree with Aiazzi's position if this were a grocery store, but a drug store? Perhaps it's not what CVS is but what it represents as a step toward rounding out what downtown has to offer that is important here. Still....

Posted by: Mark W. - 1/19/2009 2:00:55 PM
Okay, it's easy to get fired up by Dave Aiazzi's comment, but let me pose a question for discussion. What is the relative worth of a baseball stadium on any given day against a drugstore/pharmacy? Assuming a successful team on a game day, it can easily be argued that a baseball stadium will draw more than the average pharmacy. But it is equally possible to reason that on the off-season, with the stadium dark, that a pharmacy has greater impact on the quality of life for a lot of people. I agree with Mr. Aiazzi's comment, at least in part, as the sport of baseball is relatively inconsequential to many residents of Reno, but the ability to get over-the-counter or prescription medication is a day-to-day necessity for far more individuals on a far more consistent timeframe. I doubt it will be a bad thing to have a professional-level sports venue in town, but there's a definite need to consolidate the "daily essentials" in a clearly defined are in order to create a consistently stable and successful downtown.

Posted by: DowntownMakeoverDude - 1/20/2009 1:41:10 PM
I had intended to comment on this earlier. If you go to a lot of meetings like I do, especially the lower tier Neighborhood Advisory Board and Citizens Advisory Board Meetings, then you know that there are consistent things downtown residents complain about. The Longs Drugs fiasco is one of them. Unlike outlying areas such as Sommersett and Spanish Springs, downtown residents (and businesses) are VERY mobilized and active. Regarding CVS Pharmacy, there is an entire coalition of downtown residents including myself putting large amounts of pressure on the redevelopment agency and city council to get that building open. I dont think council members received a ton of complaints that there was no baseball stadium downtown, but for years they have received complaints there is not a grocery store downtown or other essential services. The Longs Drugs/CVS Pharmacy issue has been raised by concerned residents at EVERY SINGLE Citizens Advisory Committee meeting. In fact now they have formed a coalition of HOA members from every downtown residential structure including Riverwalk, Palladio, Ross Manor, Park Tower, Arlington Towers etc. Representatives from this coalition were actually on-hand at the last CAC to oppose the changeover from Longs to CVS, since CVS does not sell groceries to the extent Longs did. So I think thats what Dave one complained there wasnt a baseball stadium downtown, before the stadium was announced and built...however people have been complaining for a long time about the Longs Drugs fiasco. Its important for downtown residents to get this open. Granted, its less important than it was before it switched from Longs to CVS...but maybe CVS will open it in a Longs Drug style and have a decent food section.

Posted by: renonwsubresident - 1/21/2009 2:17:08 AM
Reno needs to work towards capitalizing on what will bring out the best in the city, bring revenue and people to the area. First and foremost, Reno needs to become a Mecca for new lively upscale bars, nightclubs and restaurants in the downtown core and surrounding area. Reno needs to continue to work with developers to build upscale buildings, businesses and improve existing buildings in the downtown core from UNR to the Reno/Sparks convention center within the next 2-4 years. Reno needs to keep its downtown area from UNR to the Reno/Sparks convention center looking fresh for visitors and locals to keep coming and spending money. It's a good idea to be similar to Las Vegas on a smaller scale in the development of new casinos/re-development of existing casinos (California competition) however with additional emphasis placed on making the area a more family friendly adventure place (i.e. ice rink, whitewater park etc.). Downtown roads have improved somewhat over the last few years however they need more work, uneven pavement remains at some stoplights, roads and sidewalks look dirty, the downtown core from UNR to the Reno/Sparks convention center needs weekly attention to keep the area looking good. The city needs to aggressively ensure downtown buildings that are old or run down are improved with a new facade or in many cases they need to be torn down within the next 2-4 years however this has improved to a small degree over the last few years. Reno needs ground lights on all downtown cross walks to improve traffic safety and to freshen up the area. Reno needs to place special emphasis on becoming a mini silicon valley (Attracting these businesses for long term viability is imperative) to attract more high paying technology jobs to the area. Long-term plans for the city of Reno should include a high-speed rail from Reno to Carson City and to the Lake Tahoe region to bring substantial numbers of people, businesses and revenue to the city. These recommendations should be seriously considered if Reno is to remain competitive and reach its full potential.

Posted by: Bugsy - 1/21/2009 10:19:12 PM
renonwsubresident, rub a lamp. who wouldn't like that.

Posted by: Mark W. - 1/22/2009 8:19:03 AM
I'd like to point out that tearing down old buildings that still meet code (or that can be brought in line with only moderate renovation) is not only wasteful but often results in undeveloped lots for a great many years. Keeping an old building in place has far more benefits than demolition and new construction and allows for minimal disruption of neighborhood/district operations/activity. Don't get me wrong, some building facades are in terrible shape and it makes sense to encourage owners to maintain a presentable "face" on their property, but in my estimation, a series of incentives for redevelopment and potential penalties on vacant properties would do far more to encourage revitalization than tearing down a building that is maybe an eyesore.

Posted by: Gary - 1/26/2009 8:44:09 AM
I'm wondering about the explanation that CVS is not working on any new stores right now, when they have just built one in the Damonte Ranch area and one on Northtowne Ln. They certainly seem to be opening new stores in other parts of town, why not downtown?

Posted by: wiley_in_reno - 1/26/2009 4:09:59 PM
Looks like the old Holiday Inn on 6th St. (Diamonds Casino), is now a Ramada Inn. Any changes going to happen?

Posted by: Wiley_n_Reno - 1/31/2009 5:27:11 PM
Does anyone know what is going on at the Reno Regency on 6th St.? It was once the Speakeasy casino. They ripped out the ground floor.

Posted by: renobug - 2/5/2009 4:22:49 PM
Maybe they should put the CVC pharmacy in the Longs store that has never opened.

Posted by: Pat F - 2/10/2009 10:42:34 AM
Regarding CVS Pharmacy, I understand from some city officials that Longs Drugs made the city jump through numerous hoops and were finally ready to start stockings shelves when the sale of Longs to CVS came about. As a downtown resident I am extremely dissappointed in the attitude CVS has adopted regarding this property. My wife and I would like the folks at CVS to know that, when given a choice to patronize Walgreens or CVS, we choose Walgreens even though a two hour or more wait for prescriptions to be filled is pretty unpleasant. I suggest the CVS folks take a look at the business Walgreens is doing over I-80. They may wish they had a piece of that action. In the meantime our one family boycott will continue.


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