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Various Redevelopment News

Sierra Spirit news, RDA news and more. 

27  Feb  2009

Sierra Spirit Facts

Sierra Spirit facts and figures

5  Feb  2009

News on Sierra Spirit and CVS Pharmacy in Downtown Reno

News on Sierra Spirit and CVS Phramacy in downtown Reno

16  Jan  2009

CAC Meeting Report

1/7/09 - CAC MEETING REPORT - This was one of the more contentious CAC meetings we have had in a while. Take a few newbie CAC members and add a dash of overwhelming badly timed agenda items, and you get quite a lively discussion. The meeting went so long I had to leave 2.5 hours into it. I think maybe it might have been a good idea to first brief the new CAC members on the redevelopment districts, how they work, priority projects for each district, how and what a redevelopment agency does. These new CAC members had no idea what they were stepping into, and didn't have a chance to really review the issues before them.
So let's get into the issues. We'll start with the easy ones.

7  Jan  2009