Theory has popped up next to Wedge, and opened its doors on the 26th of October. Its understated, almost secret opening has not garnered a lot of press locally, beyond local scene-sters who always want to be the first to get the word out (including me haha.)

From what I hear, Theory's menu is fairly original, dubbed as 'New American.' Expect high quality food from local sources. Though I have not been yet myself, the decor from what I can see through the window has a bit of an elegant flair to it without being too pretentious or uninviting. Go check it out!

New Midtown Coffee Bar

Currently under construction at the south edge of Midtown on Mt. Rose Street is a new coffee bar going in next to Wild Garlic Pizza and Pub.

Midtown Health and Fitness

Midtown Health and Fitness continues to renovate what was one of the ugliest buildings in Midtown into a sprawling Crossfit-centered gym. This gym will be a major new anchor for Midtown and provide additional fitness options for those living in Old Southwest, Midtown and the Wells Avenue Conservation District, all within walking distance (or running distance for those of you really motivated.)