Freight House District Expansion Details

by Mike Van Houten / Nov 5, 2009

Freight House District Expansion Details

-The basic plan is four restaurants and a sports bar that overlooks the ballpark. The sports Bar is perched above the entrance while the restaurants will be located where the new steel frame is going up. As soon as I get digital versions of these renderings I'll throw them up, but for now here are some shots of the plans. I am including ultra-high resolution 12 megapixel pictures for this one, so those of you who wish can really zoom in on the details and see the plans. You can access the high resolution photos by first clicking the small thumbnails to get the larger image that pops up, then by clicking on the larger image that pops up, you'll get the high res version. Enjoy!

JUST ADDED: Vector PDF of Ballpark Plans. Click here for the pdf, then you can really zoom in on the details.

Some facts:
Currently employing 100 people. Will employ 150 full time people when complete.
Opening Day: April 4 - When the second season starts.
What: 4 restaurants, one of them Mexican, one a beer garden, plus a sports bar.


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  • November 6, 2009 - 10:07:25 PM

    SK Baseball has recieved the rental car tax, the land the fire station and fallen firefighter memorial was on for a $1 and now they are getting both STAR bonds and redevelopment money. Millions of dollars are going to help fund this and yet I just heard from one of my co-workers that Sk baseball has refused to use public arts money to rebuild a Fallen Firefighter memorial that they tore down. The quote was "no one wants to look out a resteraunt window and see a depressing memorial." Wow! I guess we only mattered when we were in the way. Next They'll probably tear down the Mizpah memorial and put that in storage. No big deal, it's just our history.

  • November 7, 2009 - 10:55:28 PM

    This is very exciting! I look forward to see this district continue to expand. This makes me even more excited for the season to start! I just wish that the City would do something about all of the homeless in this area, build more shelters, enforce regulations, something. It is a terrible human plight, as well as a tourist-unfriendly urban blight.