Just a quick rumor I heard at Shea's Tavern in Midtown; Midtown Eats will eventually be moving over to Cheney Street to a new building near Death and Taxes. This, I knew already. This makes sense, since both venues are run by Sadie and Ivan.

Then I heard that Shea's will be taking over Midtown Eat's restaurant space, opening a new restaurant, and the new kitchen will serve both Shea's and the new restaurant. Shea's Tavern actually owns the whole building Shea's and Midtown Eats share.

Shea's has gained immense popularity in Midtown as one of the last 'dive' bars available to frequent. It's the bar that is still open after everyone else in Midtown and downtown have closed. It's where my friends and I will occasionally end up at on Sunday around 6 am, after a full night out on the town.

It's a super fun bar that has also worked hard to offer up weekly live music and the occasional dj.