Various Tidbits

by Mike Van Houten / Aug 15, 2013

- Looks like a venue called 'Theory' (that could be a pseudo-name) will be coming to Midtown at 18 Saint Lawrence Avenue as evidenced by the Aug 14 City Council agenda.

- Speaking of licenses, 'Pauper's Pour House' applied for a cabaret license  taking over the old Bablyon Club space at 219 West Second Street. That means music and drinking! I can't wait to see what they do to this building. A previous construction permit had this under a different name so who knows what the end-game-name will be...but I am excited this will bring new life to 2nd Street, and liven up a critical corner that is currently dead. It could be the start of something big for West Second Street.

- Bibo's opened a coffee shop in downtown Reno on Sierra Street just south of Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs. The location is a nice compromise between their old locales both in the Bank of America building and Mt Rose Street. It's located at 460 S. Sierra St., and open daily from 6 a.m.- 6 p.m.

- I'm hearing something very cool is 'seriously being considered' for the first floor of the JC Penney Building, and one source mentioned a bar.

- Downtown filling up - Did you know the Montage is over 80% sold, and the Palladio currently has a zero-percent vacancy rate? I'm also hearing from those sitting on some boards downtown that Riverwalk Towers is doing alright in terms of occupancy, and Belvedere Towers is filling up with renters, mostly college students.

- Former Norm's Auto Lot becomes an auto lot again. Ok so not the most breaking news, but it's better than an empty parking lot I suppose.

- UNR has opened an art gallery at the West Street Market where the Green Room was.

- Dorinda's Chocolates is now open located next to the Hub on Riverside Drive. Chocolate and coffee....what a powerhouse combo mmmm. They are located at 720 Riverside Drive Suite B. Drool-worthy items such as Dark chocolate Noir truffles rolled in almonds, Naked espresso Truffles using coffee from Hub Coffee Roasters.

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  • August 15, 2013 - 8:46:26 PM

    Last I heard, that last spot on St. Lawerence was going to be an upscale-ish bistro type restaurant.