Kaia Fit Midtown will be opening a new studio at 820 South Virginia Street in the same building as Twisted Minds. Set up in 2011, Kaia F.I.T.  is a premier women-only fitness facility in Reno with a firm focus on fun as well as health and fitness, and their program’s philosophy extends far beyond simple exercise classes. In their “Klasses”, you are surrounded by an empowering group of women who are dedicated to helping each other reach common fitness goals in a friendly, supportive and always motivating environment. They'll join Achieve Fitness, a rumored gym in the former 'Romantic Sensations' Building, and long-time neighborhood gym Sports West Athletic club among many other smaller yoga studios, presenting a large variety of fitness options for Midtown and Old Southwest residents.

You might've experienced a sneak peek during the most recent Midtown Art Walk.

Check out their web site here.