The Marmots have finished up renovations on two additional properties. Check out the photos below of the completed renovation.

The first building is on Holcomb Avenue/Sinclair, and is nestled between the split-off between those streets. The lower units all have nice-sized fenced yards for dogs, a bbq, and even room for patio furniture. This building was pretty hideous prior to its renovation, sporting a Pepto-Bismol-pink color. A art-piece is being painted on the fencing facing Sinclair, declaring 'This is City Living.' All of the renovated apartments in this 8-plex are already leased.

Each ground-level unit has a large fenced yard.

New-everything in the kitchens.

Nice countertops.

I dig the floor and raised bar-counter.

412 Roberts Street

The second property they recently finished is 412 Roberts Street, a newly-bright-orange house that is hard to miss. The Marmots are never ones to pass up using a bold color...just look at their offices, located on the corner of Sinclair and Moran Street. The interior of the renovated property turned out really nice. I'd live here! Here's a tip: This 2-bedroom property hasn't been listed as a rental yet, but is about to be, and if you're interested, contact Marmot Properties before it goes!