Out and About in Midtown.

Hans, my German Shepherd, and I went out for a quick evening walk and checked out the various construction going on in Midtown.

Sticks Phase Three Update

777 Center Project

This building, formerly Maytan Music Center, is now nearly unrecognizable from its former shape and size. About the only remnant left is a partial mural on the rear side of the building.

Various Smaller Projects

Out with the old, in with the new. This house in the large property grouping known as the 'assemblage' on Sinclair and Moran, owned by Marmot Properties, is one of several homes on this block undergoing renovations and upgrades.

This apartment complex on Moran, which isn't owned by the Marmots but is definitely undergoing renovations, is looking pretty good lately. I am told by neighbors that it was recently purchased, and the new owner now lives on the property, and has completely changed the vibe of the apartment complex, adding a rooftop lounge area, new landscaping, new paint, new fencing and more.

This home continues to undergo major renovations, including a rebuilt porch, new roof, new paint, restored wood flooring, and more. It's on Center Street, just south of Moran. Center Street is one of my favorite streets in Midtown, so architecturally diverse.

The space next to the Smoke Shop at 745 South Virginia is being renovated and will become a new clothing store in midtown! It will be a hemp-based line of clothing already established in Truckee called Green Rush.

Bad Apple Vintage is coming to 1001 South Virginia Street in Midtown and will be having their grand opening May 15.  They will sell hand-selected vintage pieces for all genders/ shapes/ size, local brands and artists, such as Wax Moth & Mostly Dead Co, an assortment of Levi's, jewelry, shoes, accessories, home decor & more.