Whitney Peak Hotel

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Whitney Peak Hotel

Whitney Peak Hotel, commonly referred to as Whitney Peak, is downtown Reno's only boutique non-smoking and non-gaming hotel.

The hotel features a stunning lobby that draws in design elements from the beautiful mountains that surround us. The guest rooms are adorned with art from local artists, and the design blends outdoor elements. The rooms are wider than your standard hotel room.

Whitney Peak is not your conventional hotel. On the bottom floor you'll find Heritage, a farm-to-table restaurant from the mind of Mark Estee. This isn't your standard cafe-faire food. Heritage features a modern-woodsy decor, and great food from the open kitchen.

Also on the ground level is Cargo, which is, in my opinion, one of the best downtown concert venues. With minimalist decor and an incredible light show, Cargo is my goto spot for great djs and dancing, concerts and events.

On the second level is Basecamp, a full-service bouldering-and-rock-climbing facility that features the world's largest climbing well, topping out at 200 feet. Basecamp is not your average climbing facility. It features the only 15-meter speed wall in the United States, Multi-pitch sport climbing with belay ledge (70 ft the first pitch, 94 ft the second), a comprehensive fitness center with complimentary towel service and locker, and beginner-to-expert routes on two uniquely designed boulders.