New Additions for Midtown and Downtown Include Marketing Firm, Restaurants, Puzzle Room

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 6, 2017

There are quite a few new venues in the pipeline for downtown and Midtown, or just opened. Thanks to Jonathan Wright and ReReno for catching some of these. Here's a round-up:

- RhinoHub is a digital marketing and branding firm  They are going in at 1039 S Virginia Street above the Under the Rose Brewing Company space. 

Finbomb Sushi Burrito and Poke Bar is coming to the former Aces Tatto space at 681 South Virginia Street. 

- A small 2,700 urban market at 3rd Street Flats. 

- Bab Café, a Korean restaurant, is scheduled to open in April in 3rd Street Flats. 

Permits have been submitted for Press Start, a 'barcade' classic arcade-meets-bar at 1413 S. Virginia St. Please have Pac-man, Tempest and Donkey Kong! 

The Glass Die is coming to 675 Holcomb Avenue, a board game parlour that serves wine and beer. 

- Trocadero  - Located inside the El Cortez downtown on 2nd Street. Go to their web site to RSVP for the opening gala. 

- The Puzzle Room - Located at 135 North Sierra Street, the Puzzle Room recently opened. It's an 'Escape Room' concept, where a group of your friends must escape a virtual scenario using team work to solve puzzles to escape. You get 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape. Scenarios include Valley of the Kings, Asylum (scary!), Below Ground and Lost Cabin. The reviews are in, and it's a pretty intense fun experience! I highly suggest taking three ot four of your best friends and hit it up. 

- Under the Rose Brewing Company - Opening at 1039 South Virginia Street. Currently under construction. 

- Acai Berry Juice and Parfait Bar, 1200 SF, going in at 740 South Virginia Street

- A salon and boutique opening up at 22 West Talor Street.

- Anytime Fitness - Opening a 6,600 s.f. gym on the ground floor of 50 West Liberty Street, home to Meadows Bank and many other businesses. 

- Homegrown Gastro-Pub - The rumor is, this restaurant will be taking up the Midtown Tacos spot (formerly Midtown Eats, which moved to 18 Cheney Street) as soon as the current tenant's lease is up. There's also a food truck involved. 

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  • March 6, 2017 - 8:40:42 PM

    The puzzle room is interesting. How is the decor? Is it realistic?

  • June 2, 2017 - 10:03:51 PM

    Press Start is planning on a mid July opening. Plans are to have around 35 classic arcade games and around 9 pinball machines. And yes we will have a Tempest, Donkey Kong and a Pac-man. We will also have one of the few working and available for play original Dragons Lair arcade machines. Our website should be up soon under