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Mega-Development for Virginia Lake?

So check out Edgewater at Virginia Lake. It's a large project that has been around a while, but like many others put on the back burner...or at least I remember seeing something about it before. It has turned up on the City of Reno's web for a recent planning review on August 13. Perhaps this project is being ressurected? It comprises the entire east side of Virginia Lake, and provides solid arguments in its tentative map documents to support it.

6  Sep  2013

Sneak Peek at 2nd Phase of Sticks

Loopnet Brochure reveals a couple of photos of what the second phase of the Sticks project, located on the corner of Virginia and Thoma in Midtown, might look like, and if their dates are correct on here, they're going to break ground soon.

13  Aug  2013