Brew Me This

While Under the Rose Brewing Company continues to get their new tasting room ready on East Fourth Street, one block over, Pidgeon Head Brewery is looking to fire up at 840 East Fifth Street. Speaking of alcohol, I'm still hearing rumors of a possible distillery headed up by St. James Infirmary/Brasserie's Art Farley. Wouldn't it be cool if the distillery ended up going right next to Brasserie or nearby, and use the same artisan water well that Brasserie does?

Singer Social Club

If you haven't been following Singer Social Club on Facebook you should be, because they recently offered a sneak peek into what's happening inside the old Babylon Club building located at 219 West Second Street. They are throwing down some serious construction! I'm beyond elated that this space is being renovated and used once again. Combined with the recent renovations at Noble Pie and their expansion into the music venue arena, along with their acquisition of Whiskey and its remodel, this area of downtown could easily shape up to be a burgeoning music scene.

Double Edge Fitness

The mystery is solved as to what's going in the old Romantic Sensations building in Midtown at 1065 South Virginia Street. It will be Double Edge Fitness, home of Double Edge Crossfit. The fitness facility will boast over 11,000 square feet of training space, which they claim is one of the largest CrossFit training facilities of its kind of the country. I'll be talking with them soon to get more details but in the meantime, here's their web site and Facebook page.

First Street Construction?

Yesterday on First Street I noticed some construction work going on in the space above Bar, across from Java Jungle.