Greetings readers! Check out the top ten news posts of 2011 on Dowtownmakeover below. Keep in mind these are news posts, and not informational pages such as my calendar or restaurant guide etc.

#1 - Commrow announcement - 6,990 unique eyeballs checked out the initial announcement for Commrow which included initial renderings etc.

#2 - Siena Remodel Initial Walk-Through - 3,478 unique visitors checked out the new Siena on Downtownmakeover.

#3 - Commrow Update (on the Garage) - 2,472 visitors read about a brief update on Commrow which was one of the first media posts to elude to problems acquiring the garage because it was tied up in bond deals.

#4 - YMCA Downtown - 2,235 eyeballs read about YMCA opening a downtown location in the old JC Penney building on the corner of Sierra and First Streets.

#5 - CAMPO -1,939 readers checked out the initial CAMPO press release.

#6 - Food Truck Vendor Issue - 1,627 read my research on what other cities did regarding food truck laws.

#7 - Reno Barrons post from 2010 - 952 people visited an older post from 2010 announcing the Reno Barons. A bit of an oddity, my guess is this page ranked so well for 'Reno Barons' that people found it looking for information about the Reno Barons no longer playing.

#8 - CommRow Update - 943 folks checked out the first interior photos of construction progress of the 2nd-floor boulder park and climbing wall.

#9 - Around Downtown Update - 927 unique visitors checked out photos of CommRow, Chocolate Bar, Bar, Bowl construction.

#10 - Reno Regency Update - 823 checked out this page. An older update on the Reno Regency downtown, which I assume still gets a lot of traffic from people searching for Reno Regency.