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Topic: Mark Estee Opens New Restaurant
Posted by: Dorothybox - 1/19/2017 4:23:37 PM
New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: Slapdad - 1/15/2017 4:30:08 PM
Nobody does it like Sarah Lee! And that's a good thing since she's such a curmudgeon. Google it yourself.

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: Nn2036 - 1/15/2017 10:48:33 AM
Interesting concept! Is it the first board game parlour in Reno?

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: Ej - 1/15/2017 7:15:20 AM
Hopefully that first commentor has nothing to do with this business as it sounds pretty fun but her comments seem way too uptight to have fun. I'll check it out and hopefully this beer and wine place with games OR this game place with beer and wine is fun. Sounds like a good idea.

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: Sara Lee - 1/13/2017 6:56:20 PM
Uh huh .... at least you're consistent in all of your ventures?

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: Jason - 1/13/2017 11:27:30 AM
Thank you for your postings, Mike. It's really inappropriate for people to make the negative comments, since you are doing this as a service. IN spite of a couple cranky people, keep in mind that many people appreciate your work. Keep it up!

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: nn2036 - 1/13/2017 9:31:43 AM
Your site does a great service to Reno. I am always looking forward to your new posts. Keep up the good work!

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: DowntownMakeoverDude - 1/12/2017 9:34:48 AM
I was reporting on the permit being pulled and the Alcohol license, not the actual venue. I do have a full time job, run a business, and am in the midst of redesigning this site. And no, I didnt have time to Google the business and had planned on doing an expanded story on it. You should know by now that I always first report on the permits being pulled, then later do construction tours, then later do a feature on the business. Thank you as always for your stunning commentary. And bridging the two neighborhoods means it sits on the edge of two distinct neighborhoods and will probably draw crowds from each hood...thus bridging it. You do know what that means, yes? That the definition does expand beyond a literal bridge? Also, the venue is described as Craft beer, wine, coffee, tea, and soda and a free board game library! So yes, I would still describe it as a wine and beer venue that happens to have free board games on hand to play. Since that was their Facebook description.

Topic: New Wine/beer Venue Coming to Holcomb Avenue
Posted by: Sara Lee - 1/12/2017 8:08:53 AM
Would it have killed you to take 15 seconds Googling/Facebooking "The Glass Die" so you could give an accurate description of the new venue? It's a "board game parlour" that happens to serve beer and wine, not a "wine and beer venue" that will "bridge the two neighborhoods together" .... what does that even mean? Anyway, great blog, looking forward to your next press release. --

Topic: Ice Rink Downtown to be Relocated
Posted by: Steven Stevenson - 12/22/2016 5:13:02 PM
If I remember correctly, doesn't the new ice rink in front of the ballpark have roughly 2 hour sessions instead of having it as a full day thing like at the old ice rink location? Any good reason?

Topic: See See Motor Coffee Gears Up for Art Opening Tomorrow
Posted by: JG - 11/21/2016 9:25:56 AM
Any idea when the coffee shop will officially be open for business? Looking forward to it.

Topic: SoDo District
Posted by: Paula Campbell - 11/17/2016 12:23:56 PM
There have been many changes to the Midtown area since this page was created! For instance, many of the shops listed don't exist any more and there are more great restaurants and bars. Maytan Music, Roses Cafe, Achieve Fitness and Mandala Massage (among others) are gone. The Biggest Little City Club is now called The Loving Cup and Plato's Closet has moved out of the Midtown area. Some of the new restaurants are Feast, Laughing Planet Cafe, Great Full Gardens, Two Chicks, Morgan's Lobster Shack, and Simple Ice Cream. New bars are 40 Mile Saloon, and The Saint and the Patagonia outlet store has moved into the area. This area of town has also seen a huge increase in rents and home prices.

Topic: Virginia Street Bridge Preview!
Posted by: geopower - 11/2/2016 12:13:18 PM
And now we need a new law against climbing on city property because the bridge design invites it. Pretty bad attractive nuisance if it requires its own law.

Topic: Hub Coffee Roasters Files Permit for Roastery Near Wells Avenue
Posted by: ken m - 10/31/2016 4:12:46 PM
great news - I love magpie coffee!

Topic: High Resolution Renderings of Park Lane Mall Plans
Posted by: AM - 10/27/2016 9:05:04 PM
I'm really disappointed in this project, the design lacks excitement. I also think there is too much space between the retail areas and what I mean is you have to walk thru large expansive areas to get to some of the retail, reminds me a bit of Summit Mall in that regard which I think is a dude because it is not a walkable mall you have to navigate huge parking lots. Bring the retail in physically closer to the theater too, it needs to feel more like a "city within a city"

Topic: Construction Photo Tour: Renaissance Hotel
Posted by: Jason T - 10/21/2016 10:55:48 AM
Sounds like Matt is with developers and has good vision and flexibility. I am frequent visitor to this website and I am struck with some comments from people who really have no idea. So, very appreciative of Matt's knowledgeable post.

Topic: Construction Photo Tour: Renaissance Hotel
Posted by: Dice - 10/20/2016 9:19:32 AM
Sort of feels like it needs a Chicago style Italian Beef stand.

Topic: Construction Photo Tour: Renaissance Hotel
Posted by: Matt - 10/20/2016 8:21:42 AM
First of all, it's not finished. Second, it won't be that bright when it is finished and finally it's not just Bocce, it will be skeeball and shuffleboard, and a restaurant/bar WITH an outdoor patio and separate bar. It's an event venue first, entertainment venue second. Meaning, we will be renting it out for private parties and yes, wedding/special events. It's a totally separate entity from the hotel, Marriott has no part in it's design or will profit from it. It's meant to sink or swim on it's own, and believe us...there's always a plan B. But we're very confident it'll be a hit, theres nothing else like it. Beyond the venue, the Renaissance will have it's own great restaurant with a new patio deck over the river, This venue won't be open until March.

Topic: Photo Tour: 1039 South Virginia Street
Posted by: Ej - 10/20/2016 7:56:00 AM
Hope UTR can start making better and more varied beer. The owners are quite nice but everything they make is just OK and no real stand outs on flavor. Very pedestrian beer and if you do that (like the English) you better be awesome at subtly and consistency. Also a lot of new breweries coming in the next year with people handing out money to breweries like the brew pub explosion and collapse of the 90s into 2000s never happened :/

Topic: Construction Photo Tour: Renaissance Hotel
Posted by: ken m - 10/19/2016 2:44:13 PM
Horrible interiors - bad concept, nobody is going to want to hang out in that mini golf course looking, overly lit, interior decorated nightmare. Only a matter of time before marriott pulls out of that building. That property has a curse.

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