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Topic: New Project in Northwest Reno
Posted by: Allison Bartlett - 7/18/2014 3:54:29 PM
This looks like such a great place and I recently met a potential vendor, Soozii Cream Cheese, who will be in that space. It looks like it will be kind of like a ferris building type of establishment, but done in a Reno way of course. Is there any updates on when this will be opening?

Topic: Kings Inn Sold!
Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 7/18/2014 1:34:15 PM
Assuming the structure is sound (which it might not be considering the number of years the building's interior has been exposed to the elements), the new owners could always gut the building ala The Montage and give themselves a practically blank slate to work with. Again, this is assuming that the building itself is structurally sound. Otherwise, they may just have to demolish it and start all over.

Topic: Kings Inn Sold!
Posted by: Eric Raydon - 7/17/2014 5:52:03 PM
Folks, While this is certainly potentially great news, don't break out the bubbly until it closes. We looked at it, and it's a mess...

Topic: Kings Inn Sold!
Posted by: Old Parnell - 7/17/2014 9:00:21 AM
Never thought I would see the day - can only be good news.

Topic: New Projects Crawling Out of the Woodworks
Posted by: J. Runnik - 7/10/2014 10:32:42 AM
I think that it is 333 Holcomb - it will be nice if they update the look!

Topic: New Projects Crawling Out of the Woodworks
Posted by: doofus - 7/10/2014 8:21:35 AM
The retail and piers were eliminated from the Edgewater project. Too bad - it would have been a positive addition for the community.

Topic: Bungalow District
Posted by: Mike L - 7/8/2014 7:30:24 AM
Well, we got the house on Thoma on 9/1/2013, what started as a fast clean up and move in, turned into a 6 month renovation and we moved in 3/1/2014. Couldn't be happier. Great area, nice neighborhood and the West of Wells group is a great asset to the community. We met more people here while remodeling than we did in 12 years in the suburbs. Best move we ever made. This part of Reno is improving daily, the number of things to do and see is great.

Topic: Adult Theatre On Virginia Street Sold!
Posted by: Sudden - 7/7/2014 6:46:51 AM
Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. My, Uncle Tom has a rosy, rosy outlook. But he forgot to mention that California was going to outlaw Indian gaming and close all their casinos, turning them into homeless shelters for our street people. Got a prescription for that stuff, Uncle Tom?

Topic: Adult Theatre On Virginia Street Sold!
Posted by: RenoFan - 6/19/2014 10:37:51 PM
OK, been the 80's. I was much younger then. If you call coin operated "booths" a theater, then it's it's the hight of the dramatic arts. Whoever made the Suzie's reference hit it on the nose. The cool thing is that Silver Peak XXX Ale used to say it was a nod to their neighbor. Hope it's sale does not change the brew. Love the blog-Reno Fan

Topic: Adult Theatre On Virginia Street Sold!
Posted by: Uncle Tom - 6/19/2014 8:19:23 AM
It is a nice parcel with open space on both sides of the structure. I think the pricing was good for the purchaser. Assuming the big Tesla plant project goes ahead in the region, there will be a very large number of construction workers and factory hands migrating in to the area. Those people will need housing, food services, and things like convenience markets. The property could be renovated to create apartments upstairs, with some retail below, and with parking on one side while the other side is developed to create a new and larger apartment building. Watch for other older properties to be bought-up in what I believe will be a renovation building boom based upon the expectations associated with the new industrial plant.

Topic: Adult Theatre On Virginia Street Sold!
Posted by: John A - 6/18/2014 5:06:30 PM
It's just the really trashy version of Suzie's. With similar "theater"s ...

Topic: Adult Theatre On Virginia Street Sold!
Posted by: Devo - 6/18/2014 11:09:31 AM
Never been there? Yeah...right.

Topic: Adult Theatre On Virginia Street Sold!
Posted by: BungalowBoy - 6/18/2014 10:49:13 AM
I think it should undergo a serious makeover as well! By that I mean removing all the plastic, brassy sass installed as an adult "bookstore" and the building brought back to its 1930s lusciousness, whatever it becomes as a business entity.

Topic: New apartment Complex in Downtown
Posted by: Kayla - 6/17/2014 1:59:23 PM
I think the project is called "Juniper" per the permits (?)

Topic: Midtown: Drive-Thru or No Drive-Thru?
Posted by: eyeball - 6/16/2014 8:25:54 PM
No to drive thru's in midtown. Blake Smith went bankrupt in Somersett and now he has his sights on midtown. Midtown is a walking community and should stay that way. The city council should not change for Mr. moneybags smith (although a few of them are already in his pocket--I guess just joining the crowd of council corruption).

Topic: Siegel Group to Acquire El Cortez Downtown
Posted by: eyeball - 6/16/2014 8:20:53 PM
It is just that we have all seen this before in reno: a new guy blows into town with a lot of cash, everybody falls in love with him, he gets a ton of press, then, nothing... nothing ... nothing. remember when everybody was touting fernando leal as the next mayor of reno?

Topic: Midtown: Drive-Thru or No Drive-Thru?
Posted by: goodlittlecity - 6/15/2014 8:23:25 PM
Hi Mike, I posted a very long response titled: "Why Midtown Should Ditch Drive-Thrus" on my blog. I love reading your blog and I hope to keep this debate going! The link is: Thanks!

Topic: Siegel Group to Acquire El Cortez Downtown
Posted by: Matt - 6/15/2014 8:17:14 PM
Don't be so quick to judge, just because of the Siegel Suites, that is an extended stay brand they own, it's not their whole company. Mind you these guys own two high profile Vegas boutique hotels that aren't sketchy at all, they have real intentions for their Reno properties they're acquiring. Truckee Lane IS getting renovated, to what extent we've yet to see as is the Virginian. Very excited to see their plans unveil. Give them a chance, they didn't just hop off a bandwagon.

Topic: Siegel Group to Acquire El Cortez Downtown
Posted by: H.E. - 6/15/2014 9:46:20 AM
@Eyeball, I'm glad to see someone else has the same opinion of our "Savior". I'm betting the Truckee building remains as is (why renovate when you still have shops and tenants still paying the bills), El cortez will remain as is, with the western shops maybe getting full. The only thing to change might be the Virginian, and even then I'm not holding my breath.

Topic: Midtown: Drive-Thru or No Drive-Thru?
Posted by: H.E. - 6/15/2014 9:40:32 AM
I'd say keep cars out. The "West" is so car-oriented that you'd think the early settlers who came along the Oregon Trail vowed never to walk again after walking from St. Louis, and they made sure that future generations would never walk as well. Rather than drive-thrus we should create something like Boulder CO's Pearl Street Mall. Close a complete street for eateries and boutiques, etc.; walking only. They're the "happiest city in the Nation", we might as well try and figure out their secret.

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