Over the past few months, and year, I have reported on quite a few Midtown projects on the books and worming their way through building and planning.
Now that most of them are permitted and ready to go, I figure it’s time for a recap. Also there’s some new Marmot activity on Haskell that has the potential to transform an entire block.

Midtown Lofts

Midtown Lofts is a multi-unit project that consist of a combo of single family homes and duplexes, built on a large lot that faces Sinclair, Stewart, and an alley between Stewart and Moran.12 units will be built along all three property fronts. Check out the plan below. S3 Development is the developer. The architect is Mike McGonagle who also runs ReReno

Tonopah Lofts

This will be four duplexes totaling eight units, built along Tonopah near Mt. Rose Street. Tonopah is a short street that parallels Haskell Street (which is is prepping for a major project, see below.) The architecture, designed by ReReno's Mike McGonagle, is fresh and modern. Each duplex features 1st floor garages, second-floor decks, and expansive third-level rooftop decks. The third level on the inside opens up to the second-level below. If I had to draw a comparison, these are similar to Holcomb Place Townhomes, in that those units also have a 3rd level rooftop deck, and a second-level deck and open up on the second and third levels too.

227 Moran

This ultra-small brick residence is connected to a larger residence, is will eventually become an ultra-hipster pad with an addition on one side of it, and an additional story added on, with a rooftop deck. This is also a McGonagle project. He's a busy man! 

515 Sinclair

Before and After

This home-turned-church-turned-home is undergoing a major facelift and interior reconfiguration, converting it back into a multi-bedroom residence. Nearly every interior wall was gutted, and rebuilt with new electrical and plumbing in a configuration that’s more livable. The original home was already ruined when it was converted to a church. Notice how the original porch was opened back up with Marmot Properties' renovation. 

New Alley-Facing Homes

The rumor is, two new single-family homes will be built behind 515 Sinclair and 519 Sinclair, developed by Marmot Properties, and these homes will face the alley.

Activity on Haskell Street

Marmot Properties has acquired most of the properties on the eastern side of the 1000 block of Haskell. Two apartment complex separate the properties they own. Some of the homes are very old, and not savable.  Demo permits have been filed for 1028, 1070, and 1072 Haskell. My guess is, once those homes are gone, duplexes will be built, maximizing the use of the property. Remodels permits have been filed for 1034 Haskell.
Also on Haskell, ‘Dark House Investments’ filed for a permit to demolish a shed at 1046 Haskell. Could this be related to the project across the alley at 1039 South Virginia?

1039 South Virginia Street

The plan is to convert the large 12,000 square foot two story building into retail and offices. It's being developed by Jared Smith.

1401 Midtown

Though I am told the plans for this are very different than the Cov renderings you might have seen from a previous concept for the project, this will still be a cool building, and all but one commercial space is already leased. Morgan’s Lobster Shack, SDL Jewelry, and Bristlecone Holdings are signed on as tenants when it’s complete.

777 Center

Though this building is complete already, it's the first few tenants headed here that's really exciting. Noble Pie Parlor, Bukko Island Sushi, and Piñon Bottle are all soon coming, all have permits and are building out their spaces. 

Mustard Seed Restaurant

A place called Mustard Seed Restaurant is applying for an alcohol permi1085t at 760 South Virginia Street, in the Sticks development. This was UnCork'd’s old location. Nice to see something new going in. Permits have already been filed for a remodel.


Located at 725 South Center, this casual Italian deli will serve up Livernese cooking. Chef Tim Magee has spent the last 16 years living and cooking in Italy.

The Saint

You may have noticed the beautiful marquee that appeared at 761 South Virginia Street. From the makers of Brasserie St James, will be coming a music hall and barrel house. An awesome addition to Midtown.

Transcend Interiors

Also going in the Sticks development, this will be at the orange colored building on Thoma and the alley, 716 South Virginia Street. It’s been vacant since it was constructed. Permits have been filed to build out the interior of the building.

1085 South Virginia Street

Owned by MediFarm llc, this is likely to become a medical marijuana dispensary in Midtown, in the building Scotland Yard Spy Shop was in.