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Siegel Group Replacing Windows on El Cortez

As the El Cortez's renovations continue, they are replacing most of the electrical and now are replacing all the windows on the El Cortez. Some history buffs in town emailed me, worried that doing this could remove the El Cortez from the list of registered historic landmarks.

The El Cortez is not bound or required to preserve the building's history, but it would be a nice thing to do in the process of renovating it.

Apparently they did not have the required permit to do this, the city found out, and put a stop-work-order in. Submitting a permit to replace the windows would have triggered a Historic Resources Commission review, which is now going to occur thanks to some keen eyes on the building.

5  Feb  2015

Siegel Group to Probably Acquire El Cortez Downtown

Siegel Group to Probably Acquire El Cortez Downtown

Siegel Group has had their eyes set on El Cortez for a while, as ReReno reported here months ago, but now it looks like the sale will be completed shortly.

13  Jun  2014

Downtown Tidbits

A ton of news including Noble Pie Parlor, the Hub, Too Soul tea Company, Takoda's remodel, CommRow permits and more.

25  Jan  2013