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Star Bond for Reno Aces Ballpark / Greater Nevada Field

Proposed STAR Bond Issuance Policies for the Baseball District Going Before City Council

19  Mar  2010

Star Bond Report - Reno City Council Discussion

Star Bond Report - Reno City Council Discussion

11  Mar  2009

Star Bond Discussion at CAC

2/4/09 - CAC MEETING REPORT - The name is bond. STAR bond. Couldn't resist that opener to this report.

NOW AND THEN: The meeting started off with a presentation by Neal Cobb. He presented some before and afters of certain areas of Reno, including UNR, Renown Medical Cetner, and several shots of downtown. The jist of his presentation was that long term redevelopment in Reno has worked.

4  Feb  2009

CAC Meeting Report

1/7/09 - CAC MEETING REPORT - This was one of the more contentious CAC meetings we have had in a while. Take a few newbie CAC members and add a dash of overwhelming badly timed agenda items, and you get quite a lively discussion. The meeting went so long I had to leave 2.5 hours into it. I think maybe it might have been a good idea to first brief the new CAC members on the redevelopment districts, how they work, priority projects for each district, how and what a redevelopment agency does. These new CAC members had no idea what they were stepping into, and didn't have a chance to really review the issues before them.
So let's get into the issues. We'll start with the easy ones.

7  Jan  2009

Upcoming Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting

Citizen's Advisory Committee Meeting  Update

31  Dec  2008