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Midtown: Drive-Thru or No Drive-Thru?

Being pushed through Reno Planning and City Council is a request for an alley abandonment for Pueblo Avenue surrounding the redevelopment project for Heritage Bank. This will allow for at least one drive through, possiby two, for this project, in a district designated as pedestrian-oriented development.

The Midtown Merc's are being awfully quiet about this, leading me to wonder if they are aware of it, or simply don't care/not on their radar.

11  Jun  2014

Photo Tour of Whitney Peak Hotel

Go on a photo tour of Whitney Peak Hotel including the lobby, Basecamp, the new hotel rooms, Heritage Restaurant and Cargo! They are putting the final touches on for their grand opening. Check out my photo

12  May  2014

Heritage Restaurant Announces Culinary Team

Heritage Restaurant, located inside Whitney Peak Hotel, announced their culinary team.

6  May  2014