Older / Archived Reno News - March

3/28/09 - NEW RENO ACES BALLPARK PICS - I have some awesome new pictures of the ballpark for you. I used a telephoto lens to really zoom in on some areas not really photographed yet, like the rear area of the ballpark, where a nice grass picnic area is taking shape, the snack bar area, and also the front plaza of the park.

3/28/09 - HAPPENINGS AND VARIOUS TIDBITS - Various Downtown construction updates.

3/28/09 - TOUR DE NEZ RETURNS TO DOWNTOWN RENO -Cycling returns to Downtown Reno this June as the Northstar-at-Tahoe Tour De Nez gears up to bring the Reno/Tahoe area 5 days of racing action and parties galore.

3/26/09 - RENO ACES BALLPARK PICS - Click here for some new pictures of the Reno Aces Ballpark with the grass in place.

3/25/09 - COUNCIL APPROVES FINAL BASEBALL DEAL - I didn't get a chance to watch the city council meeting live, I was at the Montage all day shooting video. So here's the official release.

3/25/09 - MONTAGE RESIDENTS MOVING IN - Click here to view Channel 2 news video.

3/21/09 - NEW PARK LANE PROMENADE PLANS - Thanks to super secret agent X for finding these for me.

3/20/09 - MONTAGE - The first residences at the Montage 'closed' a couple days ago.

3/20/09 - MONTAGE BUYER BLOG - Things are heating up at the Montage to the point where a new blog has formed to band groups of buyers together and discuss what's going on.

3/19/09 - MCNEELY LEAVING RENO - Reno City Manager Charles McNeely is leaving his 14-year post with the city of Reno to take the same job with the city of San Bernardino, California.

3/19/09 - GREEN CITY, USA - I am a couple of days late in recapping this story, sorry! You may have already read via RGJ that downtown will soon be getting some fun 'green' projects.

3/19/09 - HARRAH'S IS IN TROUBLE - Harrah's troubles are seemingly deepening as the toll on gaming and tourism in Nevada rises like a dark tide on the horizon.

3/15/09 - AWESOME PICTURES OF THE RENO ACES LIGHT INSTALLATION - In addition to the video below, here are some great pictures of the Reno Aces lights installation using a helicopter. The pictures get a little closer in than the video.

3/13/09 - SHOPPERS SQUARE - Guilty as charged. I have not taken one single pic of the Shopper's Square expansion.

3/12/09 - MASONIC BUILDING ON SIERRA AND COMMERCIAL ROW TO BE DISCUSSED - Date: Today, 3:00 PM, McKinley Park School Arts and Culture Center Conference Room, 925 Riverside Drive.

3/11/09 -THE SK BASEBALL DISCUSSION BREAKDOWN - Now let's talk about what went down in the meeting today. Here are some snippets/highlights.

3/11/09 -SK BASEBALL AMENDMENTS - THE 'OFFICIAL' RELEASE - Reno, NV---The Reno City Council gave initial approval to changes to the existing agreement with SK Baseball and Nevada Land, LLC. to loan them money to ensure development of properties adjacent to the new Triple-A ballpark for restaurants, nightclubs and outdoor entertainment venues.

3/11/09 - CITY COUNCIL MEETING TICKER - STAR BOND DISCUSSION - I am typing this real-time as the city council meeting is going on so excuse any typos or errors. The redevelopment agency has been following the changes that have been rumored in legislation since last september. Since that time there has been hearings on star bonds and redevelopment agencies in general, although no specific bill has been proposed at this time.

3/10/09 - CONFIRMED - There is indeed a new Sage Commercial 'For Lease' sign in the front of the Longs/CVS Pharmacy building as Daryll Drake mentioned in the last Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board meeting.

3/10/09 - BASEBALL DEAL GOES BEFORE COUNCIL TOMORROW - So as I wrote in a previous post, Sk Baseball/Nevada Land are looking for a more money from their agreement with the Redevelopment Agency, in order to construct an attached entertainment zone to the stadium which would feature 3 bars, 3 restaurants, and an elevated 2nd floor open plaza.

3/9/09 - RENO ACES ANNOUNCES PROMOTIONS LINEUP - In anticipation of the upcoming season of Reno Aces baseball, the club today rolled out its inaugural promotions schedule, which includes 13 fireworks nights, three bobblehead giveaways, the Famous Chicken, a breast cancer benefit and more.

3/6/09 - COUPLE OF TOUCHING TIDBITS - Just a quick post. Back when the Reno Aces were first announced, my best friend's cousin, who is age 60, on a fixed income, mentally challenged and has the brain of 10 year-old, decided he wanted to go to every Reno Aces home game possible.

3/6/09 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - Click to read.

3/5/09 - ADVISORY BOARD MEETING: PARKING METERS DOWNTOWN - The Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board met for its monthly meeting this week, and the meeting unintentionally centered around parking meter technologies and proposals for downtown Reno. What was supposed to take 15 minutes expanded to over an hour. However it was interesting nonetheless.

3/5/09 - ADVISORY BOARD MEETING: GOLDEN EAGLE LAND EXCHANGE - Also on the agenda was discussion about the Golden Eagle Land Exchange.

3/1/09 - DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION - Downtown walk, construction pics include baseball stadium, State Street Center, and the office building being built on Center Street. The ballpark is looking awesome, with glass installed and a really cool park area starting to form past outfield between the ballpark and the Truckee River.

3/01/09 - UPCOMING REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY ADVISORY BOARD MEETING, - 3/3/09 3:00 p.m., City Hall, 1 East First Street.