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Downtown Reno Revitalization

Since the mid 1990's, downtown Reno has been undergoing a steady revitalization effort. If you add the number of projects up, it's truly astonishing what has been accomplished in such a short period of time. To browse the list of recent and/or noteworthy redevelopment projects, click on the list to the right. To get an overview of some earlier redevelopment projects, keep reading.

Downtown Reno's renaissance began in the mid 1990's with the Raymond I. Smith Truckee River Walk. This was constructed amid much controversy as many folks in Reno thought building a river walk in the middle of a run-down city center was the most ridiculous idea ever contrived. However in the coming years they were soon proven wrong. The River Walk has seven water features and original sculptures of native Nevada wildlife.  It can be accessed from the Virginia Street Bridge near the Riverside Artist Lofts.

Speaking of the Riverside Artists Lofts, here's a project which saved at least one of the two old brick hotels downtown, long shuttered and unwanted by developers. The building is located on Virginia Street just south of the riverwalk. The Hotel Riverside served for years as a hotel, then a hotel/casino. Then it remained closed for years. It came so close to being demolished, every historian in town was on edge. At the last moment, it was converted to 35 affordable housing lofts for artists. The lofts are REALLY cool, large creative interior spaces designed specifically for artists. In fact, you have to be approved by a panel of artists to live there and meet certain low-income requirements (Rent starts under $600).

Once residents started living downtown, it started a trend that continues to this day. For a full history of COMPLETED projects, check out the City of Reno's redevelopment / revitalization project page.

To see how this transofrmation took place, check out my full gallery archive.




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