Older / Archived News - October November December 2009

12/24/09 - DOWNTOWN WALK - CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS - Reno Aces ballpark expansion, Park Center Tower retail addition, and 4th Street Transit Station.

12/23/09 - SIENA NOTICE OF DEFAULT - No, they aren't closing.

12/17/09 - DOWNTOWN RENO TO GET PEDESTRIAN SIGNS - To direct the public around east downtown.

12/14/09 - ALL MAJOR CASINOS SEEKING DEVALUATION OF PROPERTY - Not good news for the Redevelopment Agency.

12/04/09 - KNITTING FACTORY CONSTRUCTION TOUR - Check out what will soon be Reno's premiere concert house.

12/02/09 - DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - Construction photos.

11/27/09 - UPCOMING DOWNTOWN RELATED AGENDA ITEMS - Lots of updates on tap for next week.

11/21/09 - DOWNTOWN RENO WALK - CONSTRUCTION PICTURES - Sip and Shop, Park Center Tower, Ballpark Expansion, Transit Center.

11/19/09 - WE HAVE OUR NEW SLOGAN! - Thoughts?

11/13/09 - NEW POLL! - Alrighty so this is the perfect poll question. It sounds like from this RGJ article, for any kind of streetcar or lightrail system, half the cost would have to be paid by local municipalities (i.e. the City of Reno) before federal funding would kick in and assist with the remainder of the costs. If it came down to it, would you approve raising the property tax to pay for a streetcar / light rail project downtown? (RGJ Reports estimates were to add 3.3 cents per $100 of assessed property valuation for the streetcar phase and 9.2 cents per $100 for the light rail system.Take my poll in the right-hand column.

11/10/09 - DREAMERS TO CLOSE - Bummer.

11/5/09 - Vector-based PDF of ballpark plans. This allows you to really zoom in on the details using Acrobat Reader 9+. Click here for PDF

11/5/09 - BASEBALL EXPANSION PRESS CONFERENCE - High-resolution pictures.

11/3/09 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - Kings Inn, various meetings.

10/27/09 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - New tenants downtown, some updates on Kings Inn and CVS Pharmacy/Longs tomorrow.

10/20/09 - NEW PARKING METERS DOWNTOWN - Three parking meter pilot test programs will be installed in the coming weeks.

10/19/09 - VARIOUS NEWS - Exciting Woolworth's news, parking debates and more.

10/12/09 - DOWNTOWN WALK 10-12-09 - Pictures of the 4th Street Transit Station, Italian festival, ballpark expansion, Basin Street construction, and a new salon downtown.

10/6/09 - BUS RAPID TRANSIT DETAILS - The plan and the costs.

10/6/09 - STARWOOD ACQUIRES CORUS ASSETS FOR $554 MILLION - That's that..next question is - who buys it from Starwood? And for how much?

10/3/09 - DOWNTOWN RENO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - Out and about on Friday - Reno Aces Ballpark, 4th Street Transit Station, and Reno Sparks Gospel Mission.

10/2/09 - STARWOOD TO ACQUIRE CORUS ASSETS - Wow I was totally wrong with my guess.

10/1/09 - DOWNTOWN WALK - The Reno Sparks Gospel Mission starts to come down and other little observances downtown.