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RAD's New Infographic is Rad!

The Regional Alliance for Downtown has released a new infographic highlighting downtown Reno's different neighborhoods and districts. Check it out after the jump!

19  Sep  2014

Midtown Walk - Construction Update

Midtown Walk - Construction Update

A few updates including a new Starbucks going vertical along with 2 On Holcomb.

31  Jul  2014

Marmots Close on 567 Holcomb, Plan Renovations

Marmots Close on 567 Holcomb, Plan Renovations

The Marmots have closed on 567 Holcomb, or as I affectionally coin it, 'Pepto on Holcomb.' They will soon be releasing renovation plans!

Apparently, these are pretty cool apartments on the inside, even though the outside looks like someone puked up a combination of Pepto-Bismal and kidney stones.

23  Jul  2014

Three New Projects In The Works

Some interesting new projects under way.

9  Jul  2014

Reno in the Top Ten Places To Live

Reno in the Top Ten Places To Live

Reno makes top ten best places to live.

8  Dec  2013

A Tale of Three

A Tale of Three

Check out three renovation projects happening in one neighborhood. The Wells Avenue Conservation District continues to attract both developers and people who want to be close to the center of it all.

7  Aug  2013

Wells Avenue Conservation District Construction Update

Things are hoppin' in the Wells Avenue Conservation District.

9  May  2013

2Cubes on Stewart and 5 on Holcomb Take Shape

Focus on the Wells Avenue Conservation District neighborhood.

26  Apr  2013

JB Mapes plus new construction

New project in the Wells Avenue Conservation District, La Terre Verte moves up the street, and JB Mapes planning a comeback.

12  Apr  2013

Welcome to the Wells Avenue Neighborhood Conservation District!

Check out photos of the ceremony and first sign-topper installed. It's a huge milestone for this neighborhood, and an emotional moment for me.

1  Mar  2013

Moran Project Progress

The demo continues.

24  Feb  2013

Wells Avenue Conservation District

An event March 1 to inaugurate the neighborhood conservation district. Click the link for details!

21  Feb  2013